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art trade milly and wolfwood by ~pastingcorners
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These two n_n


    These two n_n

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Pika~ *w*


    Pika~ *w*

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    I just really love how he’s completely fine with the fact that he’s a guy, and he loves another guy. He doesn’t view this as ‘homosexuality’, and I’m pretty sure he doesn’t classify any love as anything. He simply thinks that this is ‘love’. And he’s happy with that. He doesn’t need any labels for his love, and insists that there shouldn’t be labels.

    So happy with this author. <3 such a nice message in such a segregated world. Especially with Romney.

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  8. loki-and-the-loon:

    In which Tom uses his superpower for good. :D

    These comics were starting to take WAY too long to finish, so I tried using a different brush this time to see if it would help cut down on time. It definitely did. :D  And I think I like the look of this one too, it’s a bit more chalky.

    (Also I’ve never actually had an English breakfast before but I want to.)

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